Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Parallel Convoy Messaging Pattern in BizTalk

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple example of parallel convoy messaging pattern step wise.
I want a patient to have three main information before admit in hospital. (Personal, Insurance, Ward).

1. Create an empty BizTalk project in Visual Studio.
2. Create four chemas named like (PersonalInfo, InsuranceInfo, WardInfo, FinalSchema or any of your choice) as shown in figures below.

3. Now promote a common property NIC. (Another PropertySchema will be created automatically).
4. Now create an orchestration and drop shapes on it according to figure below.
5. Create four messages according to below table


6. Now create a correlation type and choose NIC (Promoted property) and also create a correlation set corresponding to this correlation type.

7. Make all three receive shapes activate property to true because any one branch could receive message first. 
8. Another key thing: Make all receive shapes to initialize correlation. The one which will receive the message first will actually initialize the correlation and the other two will follow that correlation.

9. I have written a simple trace information in Expression shapes to trace that controller enter in branch.

10. Then I constructed the msgFinal in last construct shape. Map inside construct shape is shown below.
11. Then I give strong name to the project and deployed it. and made ports accordingly three for all receive shapes and one for send shape. After configuring it in mmc I got output in OUT folder.

Trace out put in Debug view:

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